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For the last 30 years we have seen God do big things  - big things that came out of big dreams. God answered "yes" to these dreams, but He did so through thousands of supportive people, motivated families, and generous businesses.  Funding from tuition and other service-generated resources is only part of LM's progress. Together these people, families, and businesses advanced the Lake Mead vision, mission, and values. 

The Advancement of LMCM over the past 30 years would not have been possible without the generosity of people, families, and businesses and this generosity will continue to fulfill dreams in the years ahead. 


We are excited to share with you our future focus called the Next 30, Above and Beyond!  The Next 30 years is sure to be filled with more excitement and new expansion. We have a number of specific ways for you to embrace the Next 30. Will you choose to enhance LM Athletics, Visual and Performing Arts, or Production and Technology? Are you drawn to programs that specifically fund Scholarships, Benevolence, Missions, or the Wellness Center?  Or as some donors, do you love capital development projects? We have a donor system to select specific categories.  Regardless of what dream you fund, all LMCM resources are carefully stewarded as we follow stringent financial guidelines.  Join us for the Next 30!

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