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2022-2023 LMCM Campus Projects and Fundraising Updates


South Campus Floors and Doors

Last summer, we were able to refinish the concrete floors and add classroom connecting doors to the rooms in the South Campus main building. This project was championed by our veteran elementary team as an asset to classroom management, collaboration, and cooperation. This project was completed by way of our Annual Funding Plan and grant funds that LMCM received, as well as materials that were repurposed from the buildings on the new property.

Lake Mead Wellness Center Moves on Campus

In March of 2022, the Lake Mead Wellness Center opened it's doors at it's brand new location at 522 E. Lake Mead Pkwy! This brought the counseling center back on campus to provide hope, healing, and growth to LMCM and the surrounding community! See more about Lake Mead Wellness Center.  


Eagle Athletic Club

This fall, a group of Athletics-interested parents worked with the Development Department to form The Eagle Athletic Club. Their focus is building community among parents, volunteers, coaches, and staff as well as raising funds through individual and family membership, corporate sponsorship, and giving. In addition to providing extra funding to each of our Athletics teams, the EAC spearheaded the North Campus field lighting project. The sports field has become a central part of so many high school and middle school events including homecoming, football, soccer, cheer, track and field, pep rallies and tennis. Permanent stadium lighting would enable many more exciting new opportunities for our Athletics programs. With nearly $115,000 raised for this project, we anticipate having the light towers installed and functional for our first home football game of the season on September 1!

The Eagle Games

In October, we hosted our 3rd Annual Eagle Games Fundraiser for the LMCA community. This event engaged new and existing supporters with a pledge drive fundraiser that would benefit projects and programs for our Eagles of all ages. Over $136,000 was raised by our students and their families! Our Lil’ Eagles, Elementary, Middle School, and High School students had the opportunity to participate in various obstacle course activities over a 3-day period. This has become an event that everyone looks forward to!

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New K4-2nd Grade Playground

In November, installation of a new playground structure for our younger Lil’ Eagles Preschool and LMCA Elementary students was completed thanks to grant funds that the ministry received. We were blessed to have received over $1 million dollars in grant funds last year!

LM Give Day

We finished off the year with our annual ministry-wide fundraiser, Lake Mead Give Day. This year, over $170,000 was raised for 12 different areas of Lake Mead Christian Ministries. We are humbled by the generosity of the entire Lake Mead community as it was essential to achieving this amazing result. 

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