We are thrilled to announce that LM Give Day 2022, LMCM's Annual Fundraiser, is Friday, May 20. This funding opportunity is for our entire nonprofit ministry – LMCA and Lil’ Eagles families, Church at Lake Mead members, and anyone that loves LMCM. It’s the one time each year that we come together as one and financially support our collective LMCM mission! 


This year, there are seven distinct “Lake Mead” causes for donors to select for their support: 


  • Immeasurably More: Project 520 – This choice expands our campus footprint at 520/522 E. Lake Mead Parkway with 12 new classrooms, a mid-size MPR, ministry offices, a prayer chapel, nursery and walker spaces, and a 800+ seat Worship Arts Center for weekly worship services and large events like concerts, conferences, productions, and more. (Our Wellness Center is now fully operating at this location!) 

  • Support LMCM – Donors choosing this cause are funding LMCM’s new capital projects, wish lists, and ongoing programs throughout the entire ministry.

  • LMCA Scholarships – Many donors want to invest directly into making quality Christian education accessible to deserving young people. Over $1 million annually is provided in various forms of financial aid and internal grants, ensuring economic diversity within our school. 

  • LMCA Athletics, Visual & Performing Arts, and STEM Programs – These specific extracurricular programs for our students add so much to our academy. Enhancing these programs adds value to the LMCA experience and comes largely from donations and alternative funding.  

  • Lake Mead Wellness Center (LMWC) Scholarships - Providing free or low-cost therapy has never been more needed as our complex world increases anxiety and causes trauma to surface. LMWC serves many in the military or first responders as well as any family or individual in need. 


Will you prayerfully consider financial partnership with us in one or more of our seven causes on LM Give Day - May 20th? Be on the lookout for more information and updates in your inbox and on our social media sites!

Do you have specific questions about how your donation is used at LMCM? Contact BJ Blakeley at (702) 493-7791 or